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Beware of Purchase Order Phishing Scam Leading to Malware

A new phishing campaign using “Purchase Order” as lures has been globally spotted recently while attempting to install malware that could allow bad actors to harvest sensitive

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New Phishing Scam: Using Microsoft OneNote Audio Note

Phishing email attacks are not new issues but they are growing in sheer number as phishing scammers keep bringing up new ways to trick their targets. In a new phishing campaign reported by

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【唔係倫敦金】提防 變臉詐騙 電郵 London Blue 轉攻亞洲企業

美國聯邦調查局 (FBI)指出,變臉詐騙 攻擊(Business Email Compromise,BEC)繼續肆虐,並已於 2018 年造成超過 120 億美元的損失,可見 BEC 的威脅其實比想像中要大。這種攻擊其實是利用了電郵的

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【嚴打釣魚】Green Radar 隔離平台阻電郵攻擊

大部分網络攻擊,其實都經由電郵發動,最新統計數字顯示,2018 年的全球釣魚電郵攻擊高達四億八千多萬次,差不多比 2017 年飊升一倍,透過社交工程、時限優惠等方法誘騙受害人士點擊惡意連結。一封簡單的電郵,足以重

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【最強把關】雲端電郵守護者— Green Radar grMail

雲服務(Cloud Service)已是大勢所趨,各式各樣的 aaS(as a Service)服務應用百花齊放,例如雲端儲存、雲端電郵、雲端運算等,無論是大中小企業,選擇雲服務既可減省購買硬件成本,提升員工的工作效率,更可將大部