Green Radar Email Threat Index (GRETI)

2021/22 & 2022 Q2

“Email attack campaigns grew increasingly in sophistication, timeliness and frequency, contributed to the high quarterly index of 68.1, averaging out the annual reading of 66.5.”

Top 5 Most Impersonated Brands

“DHL, Microsoft and LinkedIn have dominated the most impersonated brands for most of the past 12 months. However, HSBC and Hang Seng have become the latest favorites, and are some of the most impersonated brands towards the 2nd half of the year.”

Where are Attacks Originating from?

“Outside of the US initiated attacks, Hong Kong is generally exposed to malicious email activities that are Asia centric, with Singapore being a close third largest actor; then Japan, South Korea and China form the bulk of the attacks detected. ”

Localized Phishing Attacks in Focus

“Over the last twelve months many well-known local brands have been impersonated by malicious actors. Aside from the named brands, other infamous mentions, such as DHL with “Your package” or the likes, and Cathay Pacific with “Miles Reward” have been a consistent source of phishing emails since 2020. However, it is the increasing use of local well-known brands that is worrying. ”

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