Our offerings

grMail Standard

grMail Standard enables organizations to detect advanced targeted attacks and convert threat information into immediate action and protection. grMail Standard combines in-depth static analysis, dynamic analysis(malware sandboxing), and machine learning to increase zero-day threat detection, including threats that use evasion techniques.

grMail Enterprise

To further protect email users from phishing attack, grMail enterprise adds an extra layer to isolate the email web link execution in our separated platform, eliminating the phishing sites from delivering malware or stealing private information from your endpoint device. grMail Enterprise seamless integrated with your existing email application such as Exchange, Office365 and Gmail.


grEndpoint is an endpoint detection and response platform delivered through a cloud that using AI and big data to stop malware and zero day attacks by using a single agent.

Capture and analyses online and offline endpoint data.
Analyses all endpoint activities with the pre-defined 110+ core behaviours
Use advanced predictive model to analyse endpoint data behaviour.
Block emerging,never-before-seen and zero-day attacks
Quickly response
Block emerging,never-before-seen and zero-day attacks


Live Response – real-time threat remediation

Online and offline prevention

Complete endpoint visibilities

Block both known and unknown attacks


grAnalytics acts as a security expert which responds to the threat detected by grMail and grEndpoint.

Ad Hoc Investigation Services
Analyses all endpoint activities with the pre-defined 110+ core behaviours
Incident Response Services
24×7 response to incidents, stopping active attacks timely and strategic recommendation for remediation
Threat Hunting Services
Proactively hunt for unknown threat in your environment using human intelligence and big data analysis
Fake Email Detection

  • Sender verification by comparing actual sender and envelop address
  • Sender classification based on the frequency of receiving fake email, email spoofing setting or legitimate email sent on behalf of the sender
Sandbox Analysis Services
Our security analyst team not only do investigation but also address the false positive issue.