Insured Email Protection

The First Secured Email Insurance for SMEs in Hong Kong.

Utilizing multiple state-of-art technologies together with our enriching experiences to handle phishing emails. Green Radar offers you an unique experience to prevent phishing, zero day attack, spam, BEC… etc. But still, no security solutions can claim itself 100% protection from cyber attacks. Now with Green Radar grMail and KCG Leads cyber insurance, 100% protection has never been that close to you by our offering on advance email protection and a real money compensation on any technology missed out.

Secure Email Inbox

Green Radar grMail leverages isolation platform, AI and machine learning, SOC etc to protect your inbox from any fraudulent and targeted attack.

Financial Relief

You can benefit from financial relieving from:
• Damage due to liability issues with third party
• Business interruption
• Hacker damage
• Cyber extortion

Technical Support

We provide technical support to assist you going through the whole crisis:
• Stop the attack
• Recover from the attack
• Prevent further attack

Insurance Plan

Enterprise's Annual Revenue
Insurance Plan
4,999,999 or below
5,000,000 to 14,999,999
15,000,000 to 24,999,999
25,000,000 to 49,999,999
50,000,000 to 99,999,999
Claim Excess
Annual Premium
Plan A
Plan B
Max. Indemnity Limit Plan A Plan B
Personal Data Breach
Business Interruption
Hacking Attack
Cyber Extortion
3rd Party
Max. Aggregated Indemnity Limit

*All figures are shown in Hong Kong dollars.

*The above insurance plans are underwritten by Pacific Insurance Co. Limited(“PIC”). PIC reserves the right of final approval. Knowledge Consulting Group Limited(“KCG Leads”) is a registered insurance agent of PIC. 

Claims Example

  • Virus (Non Email-related Attack)
  • Phishing (Email-related Attack)

John comes into the office in the morning and finds his computer being hacked. “We’ve taken over your company’s server, please contact”, shows the screen. He checks that all the wiring are intact and reboots the PC a few times, but the company is still unable to access all the data.

Claim Process

John calls the insurance broker for the recovery and claims. John still needs to pay for a small amount of deductible as specified by the insurance contract but as the quote from the cyber security expert is within the insurance policy limit, he does not need to pay the extra.

Due to the interruption of business, John has a loss of revenue (with a track record of proven profits margin). John successfully proves that the attack was targeted to his business alone, thus he can claim loss of business interruption subject to time excess.

Peter is the owner of a trading company. One of his employee accidently clicks on a malicious link in a phishing email and the ransomware GandCrab quickly spreads to the whole company, encrypting all files and demanding 200,000 HKD ransom to decrypt the files.

Claim Process

Peter calls Green Radar and the insurance company. Green Radar estimates the damage, the cost to recover and advises that Peter not to pay the ransom and other alternatives should be explored. The insurance company may assign a loss adjuster to assist the recovery and claiming process.

Peter is able to decrypt his files and restores his systems. There are some expenses to Peter but his firm avoids a shut down that will significantly impact on his business.

*The information above is meant as a hypothetical guide only. Green Radar does not accept any liability arising out of any reliance on the information above. We suggest you consult your insurance broker. 

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