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Enzo Plus Teams Up with Green Radar: Enhancing Corporate Cybersecurity Across Asia

Combatting the Surge in Phishing Emails, Safeguarding Enterprises from Heightened Risks!

Enterprises across diverse sectors confront a mounting threat posed by sophisticated cyberattacks, notably phishing emails, which have grown increasingly localized, heightening vulnerability. With the expansion of remote operations, emails and endpoints emerge as primary targets, escalating the risk of phishing attacks. Surveys underscore the severity, with 56% of businesses reporting external network breaches, witnessing a notable surge in phishing emails and Business Email Compromise (BEC). Industries such as finance, retail, and technology are particularly affected, enduring repeated assaults. It’s imperative for businesses to Prioritize raising awareness of email security and fortifying defenses against these evolving phishing threats to safeguard operations effectively.

Leading Email Security Solution – grMail

With SOC in Singapore and Hong Kong, utilizes advanced technology like big data, threat intelligence, and artificial intelligence to deliver real-time monitoring and rapid response to cyber threats. The MDR platform, ISO 27001 certified, incorporates a custom AI engine for automated investigation and response. This platform ensures top-tier email security against targeted phishing attempts, 24/7 monitoring, and in-depth email analysis, while significantly improving detection rates and reducing false positives.

Ideal Choice for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:

Security-as-a-Service, the innovative email security solution, an all-in-one and affordable solution for customers. It includes a traditional email security gateway platform, AI analytical engine to detect spoofing emails, a local SOC with MDR service capabilities, and world-class isolation technology. The offered services not only address the prevention of cyber security attacks but also include proactive monitoring of threat hunting, and response services to customers. Green Radar’s grMail introduces an economical per-mailbox pricing plan, offering enterprise-grade email protection and technical support. With increased efficiency and reduced costs, it effectively tackles various challenges in email security, emerging as a new favorite for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Enzo Plus Teams Up with Green Radar to Provide Comprehensive Corporate Network Security

Enzo Plus Sdn Bhd and Enzo Plus Asia Pte Ltd are a leading distributor of IT solutions in Malaysia and Singapore, and are excited to announce our collaboration with Green Radar to enhance our service offerings, particularly in cloud security. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, email security is paramount. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, businesses require robust solutions to safeguard their sensitive data and communications. By partnering with Green Radar, renowned for its cutting-edge technologies and unwavering commitment to security excellence, we aim to provide our clients with the most advanced and up-to-date cloud security solutions available. Together, we will empower businesses to mitigate risks, enhance their security posture, and thrive in an ever-changing digital environment.

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Green Radar (Singapore) GRETI Annual Report – 2022

Throughout the last 12 months, Green Radar analyzed millions of phishing attacks and malicious email activities targeting enterprises, their employees, and brands. The inauguration issue of Green Radar Email Threat Index (GRETI) makes use of the data of 2022 to present key trends shaping the threat landscape. Results presented are extrapolated based on attack volume, frequency and impact levels riding on common malicious email activities. Security leaders and practitioners can use this information to better understand these threats and to take proactive measures to reduce risk.

Email scams have rapidly become a huge issue, with Singapore police force reported $56.2m over 93 cases, lost to scammers alone in the first three months of 2022. This is almost 10 per cent of the $633.3 million lost to all scams in Singapore in 2021. This builds on a grim review by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) which stated that ransomware, locally hosted phishing, malwares etc were all on the increase in 2021, with an overall cybercrime increase of 38% year-on-year vs 2020, and this trend appears to set to continue into 2022. It should be noted that recovery of monetary proceeds from these scams are often difficult if successful, and next to impossible once the funding has been transferred out of the country.

Since email attacks primarily targets commercial organizations, holding it to ransom, attacks or fraudulent financial scams, it is imperative that they understand the current threat landscape, and thus making appropriate cybersecurity policies in securing their organizations. Readers must also consider the prevalent shortage in local IT and cybersecurity professionals’ availability, making the fight to secure our infrastructure all the more challenging.

Core trends and figures shown in GRETI reports exclude malevolent emails from already-known sources, thus the focus is on malicious email activities that were not seen before and thus by-passing signature-based protections.