grKey manages enterprise resources for better governance

grKey manages enterprise resources for better governance

Granting exact accesses to enterprise resources

Clear and concise management of resources, credentials and their rights are instrumental to the security of any organization. grKey affords extensive granular control of accesses across the enterprise, to balance usage with necessary cyber protection for qualitative governance.

Integrated MDR Operations

Managing resource compatibility, credentials and access rights require extensive knowledge and efforts. Our integrated platform in our MDR allows for our staff to manage the platform on your behalf, taking away the burden of maintaining knowledge and security expertise while ensuring smooth operations.

Extensive Functionality

grKey offers rich functionalities for an organization to manage these resources and credentials. Extensive life-cycle management functions ensure that accesses to resources are created, granted and eventually removed as stipulated.

Transparency & Visibility

grKey is designed to bring up visibility and accountability so that policy stickiness can be measured. As such, one of the most important aspects is to ensure that the platform comes with rich interface for reporting and visibility on different aspects of these resource management practices.

Technology & Operation integrated into a single platform

Managing enterprise resources require strong operational support and reliable technology platform. Our secured cloud-based platform is designed with this in mind to handle the management of various resources and their accesses in clients’ environments. grKey remotely integrates resources, such as user access rights and activity visibility with operation support to ensure smooth operation. Operation team ensures that exceptions are handled, as well as driving governance and adaption. This offers a complete solution for our clients, while taking away the expensive CAPEX and OPEX to own and run your own operations.

Our Strengths

Extensive experience working with HK enterprises

grKey is derived from more than 20 years of extensive experiences working with over 100 Hong Kong enterprises, ensuring locally adapted industrial best practices are made available to all our clients.

Unique cloud-based platform and integrated operation

Our technology was built to specifically implement resource, credential and access management practices. It is complemented by experienced operational and security teams to ensure that resources are properly governed.

Reliable and trusted SOC operation

With an existing SOC that had been proven with an uptime of 99.999% and certified to ISO27001. Our team knows how to ensure that service is always available, and that due processes always take place.