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grMail is Recognized as a Market Leader in Hong Kong & Singapore by Frost & Sullivan

Green Radar is proud to announce that grMail is shown as the most innovative leader in Frost Radar™ for Email Security in Hong Kong & Singapore by Frost & Sullivan, Jan 31st, 2023. The recognition reflects that our technology and development tackle evolving email threats in a holistic way, and it is grounded in practicality and reality.

Key considerations outlined in the whitepaper include the ability to keep pace with evolving threats and threats that target local populace. This in turn is linked to the ability to operate and man the security platform on behalf of the clients, which we have unswervingly demonstrated to be strong and competent, where we focus on our local operating environments.


Download Report – 2021/22 GRETI Full Report

The Green Radar Email Threat Index (GRETI) is our quarterly assessment on the latest threats derived through business emails. It reflects attack volume, sophistication and pays particular interests to attacks relevant to our localities of Hong Kong and Singapore. Cybersecurity leaders and practitioners can use this information to better understand these threats and to take proactive measures to reduce risk.

Green Radar has released the Green Radar Email Threat Index (“GRETI” or “Index”) for the third quarter of 2022. The index for this quarter was 68.1 (the annual report index released in July was 66.5), suggesting that the risk of email threats has increased. According to our analysis, phishing and Business Email Fraud (BEC) attacks are frequently observed and the risk level is “High”. The report also discovered that Apple and OpenSea are the main phishing targets of hackers. The number of scams has subsequently increased as they leveraged the phenomenal Apple’s new product launch and the active NFT market….

For full report of the “Green Radar Email Threat Index 2022 ”, it can be downloaded from: