Our Approach

Our Approach of Success


With 20 years’ experience in cybersecurity, Green Radar and Edvance aim to make top notch cybersecurity solutions available to the larger market in a cost-effective manner.


Green Radar takes the best elements of different cybersecurity products and fuses them into a single innovative, cloud-based platform to deliver focused and accurate cybersecurity management for our clients.


Managing cybersecurity requires experienced security analysts. Our integral SOC takes away the operational costs from the end users and they are left with a simple, clean and secured environment.

Solving our Clients’ Cybersecurity challenges

Reduce Manual Operations

Our SOC integrates security related operations, from regular tasks to exception handling to threat analysis to reduce operational needs of our clients.

Compliance Reporting

Our tools precisely identify who, when, where, what of the respected cybersecurity domain and compile the right compliance reporting needs.

Enhance Governance

Cybersecurity is more than just protection but also the controlled use and access of company resources. Granular control allows the business to better manage rights and responsibilities

Cybersecurity Protection

Riding on top-notch cybersecurity products, we offer best-of-breed cloud-based cybersecurity platform to deliver effective protection to our clients.

Activity Visibility

Visibility allows for better alert and management across the organization. Our platform is built to deliver concise reports so that managers receive the right intelligence for their operational needs.

Our Advantages

Local & Cross Regional MDR SOC

Industrial Best Practices

Integrated Security & Management Operations

AI-Based Active Threat Hunting

Driving Visibility, Adoption & Compliance