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grMail named a Leader in Frost & Sullivan Evaluation of Email Security Market

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Green Radar Email Threat Index (GRETI)

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Managed Detection & Response Services at critical points

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Our Offerings

Email & Internet Activity Protection


grMail protects users from internet threats and to isolate them from accessing malicious web contents.
Managed Endpoint Detection and Response


grShield provides continuous monitoring on endpoints to uncover and remediate advanced threats.
End User Cybersecurity Awareness


grAssessment brings up cyberthreat awareness and identify potential threats before they do damage.
Enterprise Resources Access Management


grKey ensures concise governance over access to enterprise resources.

Operation Excellence

100%Over last three months

Guarantee 99.999% uptime annually

10 s

Overall email processing time


Guarantee capture rate 99%


of client support requests are resolved within the First Call.

Green Radar Email Threat Index

Malware Moderate
Business Email Compromise (BEC) High
Phishing High
GRETI / 66.5 High

“The Green Radar Email Threat Index (GRETI) is our quarterly assessment on the latest threats derived through business emails. It reflects attack volume, sophistication and pays particular interests to attacks relevant to our localities of Hong Kong and Singapore. Cybersecurity leaders and practitioners can use this information to better understand these threats and to take proactive measures to reduce risk.”

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