Real-time threat detection & response services against advanced cyber threats.

Strengthen the first line of defence with Endpoint protection

What is grShield?

  • grShield is a managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) service by Green Radar SOC to provide continuous monitoring on endpoints to uncover and remediate advanced threats that slip through existing preventive solutions.

Complementing grMail

  • Cyber-attacks utilise numerous attacks vectors, including vulnerability exploits, social engineering attacks, credential thefts, email phishing and malicious emails. Hence for effective cybersecurity defences, it is important to consider layered security solution like EDR, in addition to existing preventing solutions such as email security.

Staying ahead of threats with managed EDR

Local & Global Threat Monitoring and Analysis

grShield rides on Green Radar local threat database as well as global databases for new threat detection and analysis, minimizing exposure to emerging or localized attacks.

24/7 Threat Response

Access round-the-clock incident response capabilities, reducing the impact of cyberattacks and enhancing overall security. SOC Team is ready to assist with our support services.

Continuous Updates and Staying Informed

Stay protected with continuous technical capability enhancements and vulnerability patching, mitigating the risk of exploitation by cybercriminals.

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

Scale and adapt EDR solutions to evolving business needs, while relying on expert management to handle cybersecurity, freeing resources for core activities.

Locally Focused Intelligence, Leading Technology, Local Implementation

grShield uncovers sophisticated and evasive threats that get into the network with advanced detection techniques and behavioural analysis before a breach happens. Using Indicators of Compromise (IoC) scans for full visibility; grShield leaves no stone unturned.

Data enriched with context from Green Radar local threat database as well as truly global threat databases, root cause analysis and attack path visualization allow for thorough alert investigation. grShield quickly evaluates and understands the full scope of the threat, provides tools for quick and effective neutralisation of threats.

With multiple response options including automated response, grShield enables fast detection and rapid respond to greatly enhance customer’s ability to prevent and withstand a cyber-attack.

When selecting managed EDR service, the underlying technological advantage and threat intelligence network is the bedrock that realizes the expertise of the teams managing it. Endpoint security is the foundation of our EDR managed security services.

grShield is based on industry leading endpoint security solution that performed consistently well in more than 900 independent tests and reviews every year, snatching 84% of the top 3 places.