Continuous training on cybersecurity awareness

Why grAssessment

Bringing up Cybersecurity Awareness

End user is one of the most vulnerable areas of cybersecurity. Users being vigilant against cybersecurity threats would significantly increase the resilience of an organization against these threats

Locally Focused Training

Localized brands and messages are increasingly used to gain trust from the users. Our cyberthreat awareness training make use of timely and localized brands and messages to ensure our users are educated for them.

Continuous Training and Monitoring

We continuously engage our clients to monitor and improve weaknesses over time. Our training program reflects on known shortcomings and improve them, while introducing new attack behaviour to brace them for what is to come.

Critical Success Factors of
a Cybersecurity Awareness Improvement Campaign

Targeted Users

Individuals, Departments, Interest Groups, All Staff etc

Sending Source

Familiar, trusted, obligatory, internal or external etc

Categories & Content

Must be local, timely, in context and relevant to the intended recipient


Timely and coordinated execution with the team for best results

Entrapment Levels

Depth of the Response indicates the seriousness of the breach

Response Designs

Click on hyperlinks; attachment, login or responding to the email etc

Processes of an Assessment Exercise:
Consulted, Focused on Timely & Effective Contents

Phishing Content Quality
  • Locality
  • Timeliness
  • No Repeated Use
Consultation on Strategies
  • Wide Range of Templates
  • User Group & Template Strategies
  • Customizable for Individuals