Continuous training on cybersecurity awareness

Why grAssessment

In today's digital landscape, your employees are one of the delicate links against cyberattacks. The strength of employee's cybersecurity awareness could be the decisive point of a successful defence or the weakness exposed to a hack. That's why comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training is essential for organizations of all sizes. Our turnkey training and assessment platform gives you the tools to transform your workforce into a powerful security asset.

Phishing Simulation

Provide your employees with realistic phishing email simulations to test your organization's security awareness and preparedness. Our service delivers customized phishing campaigns that mimic real-world threats, allowing you to assess user susceptibility and identify knowledge gaps for targeted security training. Detailed reporting helps you track progress and measure the effectiveness of your anti-phishing efforts over time.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform

Equip your employees to defend against cyber threats with our interactive online training. Customizable modules cover security best practices, from phishing identification to data handling. Regular assessments track knowledge retention, allowing you to target areas needing improvement. Strengthen your organization's security posture by empowering staff to recognize and mitigate cyber risks.

Modularized Training Program

Depending on the needs of our clients, the training theme and contents could be selected for specific business needs. Cybersecurity is very wide in scope and topics, often overwhelming for novices. Our training delivery could be tuned and focused for specific localization, industrial or compliance needs, allowing for modularized, digestible lessons that could be taken at agreeable pace.

Focus on Localization

Cyberthreat awareness and phishing techniques, while generic, are also tuned by hackers for the intended targets. Green Radar, with its local presence and make it our specialty to tackle local threats, is best positioned to deliver these trainings with local flare, making it far more relatable to the local context. Thus ensuring that our trainees are ready to apply their awareness knowledge in everyday situations.

Locally Focused Training

Localized brands and messages are increasingly used to gain trust from the users. Our cyberthreat awareness training make use of timely and localized brands and messages to ensure our users are educated for them. Language selection in Chinese & English enhance the overall experience and ease of digestion.

Continuous Training and Monitoring

We continuously engage our clients to monitor and improve weaknesses over time. Our training program reflects on known shortcomings and improve them, while introducing new attack behaviour to brace them for what is to come.

Identifying and Strengthening the Weakest Link!

In order to identify potential shortcomings in cybersecurity awareness, Green Radar offers a specialized phishing vulnerability assessment service for our clients. This exercie is essentially a phishing simulation campaign to gauge your employees' susceptibility to real-world attacks.

You'll receive detailed report that pinpoints areas of weakness, along with customized recommendations for bolstering your defence. Armed with these insights, you can optimize your training program and deploy targeted interventions to plug the gaps.

We take great care in executing precise and effective phishing simulation campaigns:

Targeted Users

Individuals, Departments, Interest Groups, All Staff etc

Sending Source

Familiar, trusted, obligatory, internal or external etc

Categories & Content

Must be local, timely, in context and relevant to the intended recipient


Timely and coordinated execution with the team for best results

Entrapment Levels

Depth of the Response indicates the seriousness of the breach

Response Designs

Click on hyperlinks; attachment, login or responding to the email etc

Maximize Your Security Posture

Cybersecurity awareness isn't just a "nice-to-have" - it's a strategic imperative. By investing in your employees' security skills, you can:

Reduce the risk of successful phishing, malware, and data breaches

Strengthen your overall security posture and compliance

Foster a culture of cyber-vigilance across your organization

Avoid financial and reputational damages from cyber attacks

Cybersecurity Awareness is a Continuous Exercise

Phishing Content Quality
  • Locality
  • Timeliness
  • No Repeated Use
Consultation on Strategies
  • Wide Range of Templates
  • User Group & Template Strategies
  • Customizable for Individuals
Training Platform
  • Breath & Depth of Topics
  • Self-Paced and Digestible Progress
  • Localized Content & Delivery

Partner with us to transform your workforce into your strongest security asset. Get in touch to learn more about our cybersecurity awareness training and phishing assessment solutions today!