grKey manages access to your critical infrastructure

grKey Manages Access to Your Critical Infrastructure

Administration access is key to cyber hacks

  • Critical business data or infrastructures are only accessible to administrators
  • Getting administrator accounts and passwords allows unrestricted access to all networks and systems

Extensive functions to control access

  • Regular change of administration passwords
  • Workflow approval of access to controlled systems


  • Activity reports on usage of the privileged access

How it Works

Our secured cloud-based platform is designed with the latest technology, cybersecurity and operational needs in mind to handle the management of your privileged identities in your environment. With a custom-built agent, grKey remotely integrates account management functions, such as password change, user access control and activity visibility. The platform automatically and regularly updates privileged passwords, rotating expiring, or non-compliant passwords out of use and store them in secured and encrypted data keeps. This offers a complete Privileged Identity Management suite for our clients, while taking away the expensive CAPEX and OPEX to own and run your own operations.

Our Strengths

Extensive experience working with HK enterprises

grKey is derived from more than 15 years of extensive experiences working with over 100 Hong Kong enterprises, ensuring locally adapted industrial best practices are made available to all our clients.

Unique cloud-based platform and integrated operation

Our technology was built to specifically handle administrative account management. It is complemented by experienced operational and security teams to ensure that privileged accounts are properly governed.

Reliable and trusted SOC operation

With an existing SOC that had been proven with an uptime of 99.999% and certified to ISO27001. Our team knows how to ensure that service is always available, and that due processes always take place.