Green Radar and CITIC Telecom CPC Announce a Strategic Partnership to Provide a Secure Hybrid Workplace for Businesses of All Sizes

Paving the Way for High-performance Cloud Resources and High-grade Email 

Security Solutions to Enhance Efficiency and Safety in the Hybrid Work Model  

(Hong Kong, 29 March 2022) Green Radar is pleased to announced strategic partnership with CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (CITIC Telecom CPC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK: 1883). With Green Radar’s extensible email protection in MDR (Managed, Detection and Response) model, CITIC Telecom CPC will expand its SmartCLOUD™ cloud solution offerings to cover email security, while Green Radar can enhance its cloud reliability, a necessary component to its solutions, powered by CITIC Telecom CPC’s extensive ICT infrastructure services. The partnership will boost remote work efficiency and enable enterprises to leap into the hybrid workplace.

The remote working concept has become normal for many companies today. According to global data from a HR company[1], employees want to continue using the model based on half of their time working remotely and the rest (47%) in the office. Remote and hybrid work have become a necessity that all companies must prepare for and manage in terms of balance between security and productivity.

A successful cyberattack can disrupt the services of any business connected to the Internet, and over 90% of successful cyberattacks occur through email. According to a customer survey conducted by CITIC Telecom CPC in February, over 60% of survey respondents view email security as the biggest security challenge. Most respondents think cyberattacks can interrupt business operations, damage their business’ reputation and potentially lead to loss of sales.  Meanwhile, 75% respondents are considering upgrading their current email security or infrastructure platform to protect against cybersecurity threats. Therefore, an effective security solution is vital to safeguard enterprises’ businesses.

With greater synergies, clients will benefit from cost, support and coverage efficiencies.

•   Full protection and scalability: Cyber security & data recovery are both important to safeguard business operations. Combining Green Radar’s proprietary grMail™ email protection services and CITIC Telecom CPC’s SmartCLOUD™ Cloud computing solutions, enterprises can stay ahead of evolving email threats protection as well as enjoy true backup and disaster recovery all-in-one suite. The strategic partnership fully addresses regional enterprises’ data storage requirements; empowers high-grade email security solutions to companies of any size to combat all types of email threats especially malware, spoofing emails, phishing, CEO fraud and another email-borne attacks.

•   Professional global support: In a hybrid-remote work model, employees will work in multiple locations, multiple time zones with multiple devices anywhere anytime. All-in-one Email security suite backed by Green Radar’s two Security Operations Centers (SOC) in Hong Kong and Singapore, and CITIC Telecom CPC’s 19 Global Cloud Service Platform, provide global managed services support around-the-clock across regions, with Peace-of-Mind protection.

•   Cost-effective: Enterprises could lose up to a million dollars on average from a security incident, in addition with company goodwill. Green Radar and CITIC Telecom CPC All-in-one Email security suite provides full managed services to enterprises and total access to the cutting-edge email security solutions at just a fraction of the cost, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

“By partnering with CITIC Telecom CPC, we reaffirm our mission to provide all sizes of enterprises email threat detection and response and in-depth threat analysis. Against the backdrop of the hybrid working model, email protection has become essential to all businesses, we are pleased to support CITIC Telecom CPC’s clients to minimise their exposure to email risk.” says Kenneth Ma, Senior Vice President, Sales, Green Radar.

“Our partnership with Green Radar is a significant milestone that empowering our cloud, network and security products, and extending coverage to cloud-based security services to clients. With hybrid work becoming a new normal and cyberattacks evolving every day, email security remains a top concern to enterprises of any size. By integrating the core strengths and expertise of Green Radar and CITIC Telecom CPC, we are in a unique position to offer best-in-class security solutions to ensure peace of mind for businesses of all sizes,” says Taylor Lam, Chief Strategy Officer, CITIC Telecom CPC.

About Green Radar

Green Radar redefines email security and enables organizations to focus on running their business. We operate a Managed Detection & Response (MDR) approach to protect organizations from email threats by combining big data with artificial intelligence, global threat intelligence and a team of cybersecurity experts to keep your inbox safe.

Green Radar is a member of Edvance International Holdings Limited (1410.HK), a leading cybersecurity and innovative technology company headquartered in Hong Kong.

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About CITIC Telecom CPC

We are CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (“CITIC Telecom CPC”), a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK: 1883), serving multinational enterprises the world over by addressing their specific ICT requirements with highly scalable tailored solutions built upon our flagship technology suites, comprising TrueCONNECT™ private network solutions, TrustCSI™ information security solutions, DataHOUSE™ cloud data center solutions, and SmartCLOUD™ cloud computing solutions.

With the motto “Innovation Never Stops,” we leverage innovative technologies, embracing AI, AR, Big Data, IoT, and other cutting-edge emerging technologies to transform technical potential into business value for our customers. As an enterprise digital transformation partner, we strive to help our customers achieving industry-leading positions, high agility, and cost-efficiency through digitalization.

With our Global-Local capabilities, we are committed to providing our customers with one-stop-shop ICT solutions with superior quality. Having a worldwide footprint across 160 countries, including Asia, Europe and America, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, our global network resources connect over 160 points of presence (POPs), 19 Cloud service centers, 30+ data centers, and two dedicated 24×7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs). As one of the first managed service providers in Hong Kong to achieve multiple ICT-related certifications, including ISO 9001, 14001, 20000, 27001, and 27017, we offer local professional services, superior delivery capabilities as well as exceptional customer experience and best practices through our global presence and extensive industry know-how, becoming a leading integrated intelligent ICT service provider to enterprise customers.

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Green Radar 與中信國際電訊 CPC 宣佈成為戰略合作夥伴


(香港,2022年3月29日)Green Radar宣佈與中信國際電訊集團有限公司(「中信國際電訊」/「集團」,香港交易所股份代號:1883)全資擁有的中信國際電訊(信息技術)有限公司(「中信國際電訊CPC」)成為戰略合作夥伴。Green Radar託管式偵測與回應模式(MDR;Managed, Detection and Response)中可擴展的電郵保護服務將建基於中信國際電訊 CPC的ICT基礎架構,並透過其SmartCLOUD™ 雲端平台,攜手為企業打造一個結合高效雲端資源與高端電郵安全的綜合式電郵安全解決方案。綜合式電郵保護不但為企業全面提高遙距工作效率,更能讓企業員工在使用混合工作模式時更安心放心。

遙距工作已成為大多公司的新常態。 根據一所人力資源公司[1]的全球數據顯示,現今員工有一半時間需要遙距工作,其餘的時間 (47%) 則在辦公室,並表示希望繼續沿用此工作模式。遙距和混合工作已成不可或缺的趨勢,所有公司必須做好相關準備,在安全和生產力之間管理得宜,取得平衡。

成功的網絡攻擊可破壞任何連接到網絡的企業服務,當中超過 90% 是通過電郵發動攻擊。 根據中信國際電訊 CPC 於 2 月進行的客戶調查,超過 60% 的受訪者認為電郵安全是最大的保安挑戰。大多數受訪者認為網絡攻擊會中斷業務營運,損害其業務聲譽更會導致銷售損失。 同時,75% 受訪者正在考慮加強當前電郵保安或基礎架構平台,以防範網絡安全威脅。故此,有效做好安全保障便成為企業重中之重。


•   全面保護和可擴展性能:網絡安全和數據復原對於保護業務營運同等重要。結合 Green Radar 專有的 grMail™ 電郵保護服務和中信國際電訊 CPC 的 SmartCLOUD™ 雲端運算方案,企業可以在不斷演變的電郵威脅保護中保持領先地位,並享受一個具有真正的備份和災難復原的綜合式電郵保護。 此戰略合作全面解決區域企業的數據儲存需求,能為任何規模的公司提供高端電郵安全解決方案,從而抵禦各類型的電郵威脅,特別針對惡意軟件、欺詐電郵、網絡釣魚、CEO 詐騙,以及其它電郵傳播的攻擊。

•   全球專業支援服務:在混合遙距工作模式中,員工將可在任何地點、任何時區,使用不同設備工作。綜合式電郵安全解決方案結合由 Green Radar 位處香港和新加坡的兩個電郵安全監控中心 (SOC) ,配合中信國際電訊 CPC 的 19 個全球雲端服務平台所支援,提供跨地區全天候全球託管服務, 讓客戶安心無憂。

•   具成本效益:安全事故除了讓商譽受損外,據估計一次的安全事件更可導致企業平均損失高達一百萬美元。Green Radar 和中信國際電訊 CPC 的綜合式電郵安全解決方案為企業提供全面託管服務,企業只需以一個經濟費用,便可部署全面存取的尖端電郵安全解決方案,享受更高的安全保障和更低總體擁有成本 (TCO)。

Green Radar 高級銷售副總裁馬偉雄表示:「通過與中信國際電訊 CPC 的合作再次肯定我們為各種規模的企業提供電郵威脅偵測和回應以及深入威脅分析的使命。在混合工作模式的背景下,電郵保護對所有企業而言變得空前重要,我們很高興與中信國際電訊 CPC 攜手為企業客戶提供支援,將他們面臨的電郵風險降至最低。」

中信國際電訊 CPC戰略總裁藍泰來表示:「我們與 Green Radar 成為策略合作夥伴是一個重要的里程碑,完善我們為客戶提供的雲網安產品內容,服務覆蓋延伸至以雲端為基礎的安全保障。隨著混合工作成為新常態,而網絡攻擊每天都在演變,電郵安全仍然是任何規模的企業最關心的問題。通過整合 Green Radar 和中信國際電訊 CPC 雙方核心優勢和專業知識,為我們打造獨特定位,提供一流的綜合式電郵安全解決方案,確保企業安枕無憂。」

中信國際電訊CPC戰略總裁藍泰來(左)與Green Radar高級銷售副總裁馬偉雄宣佈兩家公司成為戰略合作夥伴及推出綜合式電郵安全解決方案

關於 Green Radar

Green Radar 重新定義了電郵安全,使企業能更專注於業務上。 我們透過託管式偵測及回應(「Managed Detection & Response」) 模式,結合大數據、人工智能、全球威脅情報和網絡安全專家團隊保護企業免受電郵攻擊威脅。

Green Radar 為香港領先的網絡安全及創新科技公司- 安領國際控股有限公司(1410.HK)的全資附屬公司。



中信國際電訊(信息技術)有限公司(「中信國際電訊CPC」)是中信國際電訊集團有限公司的全資附屬公司(香港交易所股份代號:1883),公司一直矢志透過先進技術及旗艦解決方案,包括TrueCONNECT™專用網絡服務、TrustCSI™信息安全解決方案、DataHOUSE™全球統一雲數據中心解決方案及SmartCLOUD™雲端運算解決方案,為全球跨國企業提供綜合數碼解決方案, 滿足不同行業的ICT服務需求。


中信國際電訊CPC以「服務在地,連接全球」的優勢,承諾為客戶提供最優質的全球化一站式ICT服務。全球化網絡資源連接超過160個服務據點、19個雲服務中心、30多個數據中心及2個全天候運作的安全運作中心,服務遍布約160個國家,無縫連接亞洲、歐美、非洲、中東以及中亞等地區 。作為香港首個獲得ISO 9001、14001、20000、27001 及27017相關ICT服務認證的供應商之一,公司透過全球化服務佈局,多年不斷深耕各個行業與領域經驗,為企業提供專業的在地服務及交付能力,優質的客戶體驗和服務質量,成為領先的綜合信息智能化服務供應商。

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