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【Webinar】Phish me if you can! Are you safe from phishing attack?

According to the HK InfoSec, phishing dominated up to 47% in cybersecurity landscape in Hong Kong over one year period. Green Radar also identified a rise of ingenious

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【Webinar】Protect Against Advanced Email-Based Attacks

Email phishing is one of the greatest security threats facing organisations globally. With the pandemic accelerating digital transformation and with workforce disconnected from

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【Webinar】學校應如何活用雲端平台教學 同時確保網絡安全?

疫情爆發打亂了一直以來的教學模式。「停課不停學」成為近期學校間的口號,遙距教學令教學可以不受距離和時間的限制。Microsoft 365 教育版雲端協作平台能協助學校隨時隨地展開遙距教學。 使教學變得更靈活、

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【Webinar】Digital Transformation in the post-Covid-19 Era

The pandemic has introduced a new normal for IT operations. Many companies plan to increase their budget on cloud services. When businesses move to the cloud, cybercriminals follow close behind! 

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【Webinar】Phish me if you can! How to stop phishing email efficiently?

As Covid-19 accelerated remote working trend, email remains the most common method for business communication, while it is also the most popular target for cyber attacks.