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【Webinar】Phish me if you can! How to stop phishing email efficiently?

As Covid-19 accelerated remote working trend, email remains the most common method for business communication, while it is also the most popular target for cyber attacks.

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【Blog】電郵攻擊肆虐 – 逾半企業曾受襲 外部網絡攻擊風險隨WFH增加

隨著疫情發展,企業加快了遙距營商的步伐,Work From Home(WFH)更成為新趨勢。然而,WFH 亦意味著網絡攻擊將更集中在電郵及端點上,尤其是電郵攻擊。根據香港生產力促進局於五月最新公佈的